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Financial Planning is for everyone, regardless of net-worth.

No matter in which stage of life you are - professional, growing family, or ready to retire - it all starts with a financial plan.

Choose the Best Service for You

Your financial goals are unique to you. Whether you are in the early stages of financial planning, are planning your retirement or are already fully retired, Fulgent Wealth Management will help you strategically plan for your personal retirement and savings needs. We will ensure that your financial plan is stress tested for stability and durability regardless of personal or economic conditions.

I don't fully understand my finances and I have never created a budget.

Couple getting started on their financial plan

Getting Started

We will help you build good financial habits, understand the early stages of retirement planning and teach you how to invest. Our services include:

  1. Creating a budget to help you track your spending habits and eliminating debt.
  2. Setting a goal for an emergency savings account and creating a defensive strategy.
  3. Developing a financial plan for you that helps roadmap your next steps.

I have a good understanding of my finances.

Woman sitting on grass at park reviewing her financial plan

Next Level

We will work with you to strategically plan your financial goals, manage your competing priorities, and accelerate your retirement funding. This includes:

  1. Helping you understand all of your options with your retirement, savings and investment accounts to best maximize your growth strategies.
  2. Calculating your desired retirement lifestyle to determine when and how you can retire.
  3. Re-evaluating your financial picture against your financial goals and tax impacts.

I  want to invest my money.

Advisor explaining investment options to client

Investments Options

We will discuss your financial goals and personal risk profile and help you find an investment model that caters to your preferences and needs. We provide:

  1. A complementary financial plan that outlines your investment strategy.
  2. Transparent 1.1 % fee structure.
  3. No investment minimums.
  4. Dedicated client log in with 365 day / 24 hour visibility into your investment.

Our Easy Process

Financial Planning doesn’t have to be complicated. We have helped almost 10,000 people from all incomes already and manage the investment assets for clients of all net-worths. Whether you are just starting out or are ready to retire, we can help grow and optimize your retirement assets.

Step 1


It all starts with a conversation - over the phone or through Zoom. In this first meeting, we will talk about what is important to you, understand or develop your financial goals, and get a sense of your current financial situation. 

Step 2


We will identify opportunities for improvement, analyze your risks, discuss your investment and savings options and craft a comprehensive financial plan that's tailored to you with easy to follow action steps.

Step 3


We will walk you through your financial plan and custom investment strategy and help you make the necessary steps to succeed. Our annual follow ups ensure that you stay on track to meet your financial goals.

Woman having questions about financial planning


As Fiduciaries, we are bound to a Fiduciary Oath. Simply put, we are held personally liable for any bad or selfish advice we give 

We have helped clients from all life-stages and backgrounds to financially plan and invest. We take pride in delivering actionable and attainable plansOur investment portfolios are customized and tailored to your investment and risk profile.

No minimums

High quality advice should be available to everyone, not just the very wealthy.

Our financial plans are made available free of charge to all of our clients. We have no investment minimums.

No hidden fees

In financial planning, fees and sales commissions are hidden everywhere.

Our fee structure is transparent. We only charge a  1.1% management fee if and when you decide to invest with us. 

No obligations

We don’t believe in pressure tactics or pushy sales pitches. We believe in conversations and 

If you don’t feel we are a good fit after we meet, that’s completely fine. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable.


Our conversations and plans are jargon free and easy to understand. In other words, we make sure you completely understand your financial plan and all underlying concepts. Additionally, we follow up Annually to ensure that you are on track to meet your financial goals.

About Me

Financial Planner Brandon Young

Brandon Young, Licensed Financial Advisor

I have been providing investment management and financial planning services since 2010 and have worked for prestigious firms such as Bank of America Merrill Lynch, USAA and Vanguard. After a successful career, I founded Fulgent Wealth Management in 2019 to make financial planning accessible to everyone, regardless of income or net-worth. I am registered in all states except for Louisiana and hold the Series 7 and Series 66 licenses.

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