Retirement seems far away or it might seem unattainable, so why worry?

Investing $100 a month into a retirement account can not only help you get in a better habit of saving for your retirement, but it can also prove to be a solid safety net even if you haven’t saved at all towards retirement. Retirement needs aren’t going away just because you ignore them, and Social Security won’t be enough.  

If we look at returns per risk profile, compound interest plays a huge factor in growth.
Investing only $100 a month per risk profile.

Rate of Return

5 Years

10 Years

15 Years

20 Years

25 Years

30 Years

35 Years

40 Years

6% Moderate









7% Moderate Aggressive









8% Aggressive









This is only $100 a month. Which is only one-fifth of the maximum annual retirement contribution allowed for a Traditional IRA or a Roth IRA. Any amount more per month could greatly impact your earnings down the line.

By comparing the two different time frames of 5 years to 40 years, not only is the dollar value greatly different, but you'll notice the amount of Interest (Green) compared to the Periodic Deposit (Red, which was your $100 a month). In other words, by contributing $100 a month consistently and giving it enough time, your interest would far exceed your deposits.

When should I start investing?

Now is the time to start. Let’s go over your financial plan and investment philosophy to get you on track towards your retirement and long term goals. The longer you give your accounts to perform and grow, the better opportunities you give yourself for retirement and investment growth. Schedule an appointment today. It doesn’t cost you anything whether you do or do not establish a retirement account.

simple and easy.

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What does the process entail?

During our appointment we go over a series of general questions about your current financial status, hurdles and goals. We then provide advice and recommendations regarding your finances to improve your status, as well as document it in your financial plan for you to keep.
We then establish an investment account with our custodian Schwab, whether it be a Traditional IRA, Roth IRA or Taxable Brokerage Account. We explain the philosophy, volatility and holdings of what you are invested in.
Afterwards we schedule a follow up to the plan, whether it be in 6 months or a year. You are always free to contact us any time before or after.

Who are we?

Fulgent Wealth Management is an Arizona-Based, Nationally Registered Investment Advisory Firm. We use Charles Schwab as a custodian for all of our client accounts. We provide the financial plan and strategies to reach your goals such as new home purchase, debt elimination, retirement and more.
You can contact us now via phone or mail or schedule to speak with us via Phone or Zoom.